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Guide to Living in Perth

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Perth is the fourth-most populated city in Australia, as well as the largest city in the state of Western Australia. Perth is the capital of the state, but its relative distance from other large metropolitan areas makes it pretty unique. In fact, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, located 3,291 kilometres from Sydney, 3,604 kilometres from Brisbane and 3,002 kilometres from Jakarta, Indonesia. Perth's central business district features the Swan River on both its east and south ends. Its port is also located on the shores of the Swan River, making Fremantle one of the major ports in Western Australia.

Most of the homes in Perth are detached, so its residents enjoy their privacy when they want to. The city's culture consists of a relaxed lifestyle, featuring a clean and spacious city. The fact that houses are separated doesn't mean people don't spend time together, though. When the weather is warm, you'll find friendly gatherings like BBQs and parties up and down each block.


Located in Western Australia, a majority of Perth's metropolitan region lies on the Swan Coastal Plain. A city set on the Swan River, Perth extends north along the coast to Two Rocks and borders Singleton to the south. The city experiences moderate amounts of seasonal rainfall, with hot and dry summers and wet, mild winters. This means Perth has a Mediterranean climate, featuring more sunshine than the average city with this type of weather.

Most of Perth's rainfall comes between the months of May and September, which constitute its autumn season. Some, however, does come during the warmer months, in the forms of quick thunderstorms and even weak tropical cyclones.

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Employment in Perth

According to data, roughly thirty-percent of Perth's residents were born outside of Australia. This includes expatriates from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Africa, New Zealand and Britain, the last of which accounts for nearly ten-percent of the city's population. Perth's local government has done a good job attracting skilled and educated immigrants to the area, helping boost the economy and workforce. For immigrants, Perth is especially a great landing spot for people experienced in the mining industry, as well as other projects related to that field.

Some other popular industries include agriculture and ship building and maintenance. Ship-related work is important because of Perth's distance from other large ports and cities. The largest industry in the city, however, is the services industry. So, if you have a special service or skill that you are highly trained in, Perth could be a wonderful place to start or expand a business. 

FUN FACT: Perth has the highest population of self-made millionaires in the world, per capita.

Cost of Living in Perth

The cost of living in Perth is slightly above average, but it isn't quite as high as places like Sydney and Brisbane, and especially not as high as global hot spots like New York. According to reports, the cost of living in the city is actually on the decline, with prices of housing and living costs expected to drop in the coming years. If you are planning to move to the city, budget wisely for rent and utilities, but also consider things like food, transportation and healthcare.

Interestingly enough, while housing costs seem to be dropping in Perth, the prices of food at restaurants and supermarkets might be slightly higher than in similar establishments located in Sydney and Brisbane.

Education in Perth

Popular colleges located in Perth include public universities such as the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Curtin University and Edith Cowan University. Perth is also home to private and technical colleges like the University of Notre Dame Australia and the Central Institute of Technology.

In Western Australia, education becomes mandatory at the age of six and continues through the age of seventeen. Students may attend public or private schools during their primary and secondary education years, and private institutions are normally associated with specific religions.

Culture and Activities in Perth

Perth's remoteness is interesting, to say the least. In fact, the city is the second most isolated capital in the world--ranked only behind Honolulu, Hawaii of the United States. This isolation sometimes causes a feeling of cultural detachment from the rest of the world. But the distance from other major cities does not put a damper on any of the activities and events Perth has to offer.

The city's major arts are located in the Perth Cultural Centre, which features the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the State Library, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and the State Theatre Centre. Some popular performing arts companies based in the area include the West Australian Opera, as well as the Symphony Orchestra and Ballet. Some annual events held in Perth include the International Arts Festival, as well as music festivals like Future Music and Soundwave.

Popular tourist destinations include the Scitech Discovery Centre and the Murray Street mall, which features superb retail shopping and dining options. Visitors and residents also enjoy taking walks in Hyde Park or even heading to the Perth Zoo to see a variety of exotic animals.

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