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Doing a Background Check on Your Removalist

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Looking for a reliable removal company for your move is a stressful task. Hiring the best mover to handle your belongings is an important decision that requires a good deal of research and consideration. Before hiring any removal company, it's important to check out their reputation and make sure they will provide you with affordable and quality service!

Read reviews

A great and easy way to weed out undesirable companies is reading customer reviews. This will give you insight into the removal company's quality of service, rates, professionalism, and reputation. Reviews can be found on websites like Product Review, WOMO and AuRemovals.
However, when reading customer testimonials, be on the lookout for fake reviews. Many removal companies pay people (not actual customers) to write fake positive accounts of moving experiences to fool actual customers. Reviews that are overly positive, too descriptive, and mention moving company employees by name should be treated with skepticism.

Verify credentials and affiliations

Making sure a removal company is authorised to conduct moves is important to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is an official body of removal experts, consulted by government departments to help regulate the removal industry. All removal companies that are members of the association must carry Public Liability Insurance, and are provided training, information and guidance on meeting all current legal standards for the industry. Verifying that your removal company is a member of this organisation will confirm that they meet high standards for excellent service.

Ask for references

Asking the removal company for references from satisfied customers can be an effective way to learn more about their background and reputation. When getting references, be sure to have the person's name, city and phone number or email address--depending on your preferred method of correspondence. Make sure the locations and last names of the reference don't match any of the movers (or each other) this is a red flag that they aren't authentic references. When contacting the references, ask for a brief overview of the move--such as pricing, service quality and professionalism.

Look for outstanding complaints

You should also check websites such as to ensure the company doesn't have a history of scams, dissatisfied customers and unethical business practices. These websites allow former customers to share their grievances with unlicensed and unprofessional moving companies. Scanning these and similar sites will allow you to determine if the company has a shady reputation for scamming customers, overcharging, or damaging items without providing proper compensation.  

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