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Saving Money on Your Household Move

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Moving is expensive--check out these tips to save a bit of money on your move!

Moving boxes and materials

  • Ask your local grocery store, liquor store or drug store if they have any empty cardboard cartons to use or your move. Make sure the boxes are sturdy and in good condition before packing your precious possessions inside!
  • If you know anyone that is moving before you or has recently moved, ask if they wouldn't mind passing on their used boxes to you. They are probably eager to get rid of them, anyway.
  • If you are hiring a moving company, ask about the cost of packing materials (such as bubble wrap, tape, blankets, etc). It may be cheaper to buy your own supplies, or the movers may include the cost in your move price.


  • Do you need storage for your belongings after your move? Compare prices from facilities in your area to find the best price--but be sure any facility you consider has the features you need--such as climate-controlled unit, ight security, and 24-hour access. Low prices often come at other costs!
  • Find out about late fees--some companies allow a grace period before they begin tacking on penalties for missed payments.
  • If you are hiring removalists, ask about their available storage services. If you don't require access to your belongings while they are in storage, it may be more affordable to bundle your removal and storage services with one company.

Rental trucks

  • If you have extra time (and more than a little ambition) you may want to move yourself by renting a truck. This is often a more affordable option than hiring movers.
  • Just like with removal companies, make sure you compare quotes from several rental truck companies to find a great price.
  • When renting a truck, remember to ask about hidden fees. Some truck companies charge extra if you drop off the truck at a different location from where you rented it.
  • Ask about the costs of insurance should anything happen to the truck while driving it--your auto insurance will not cover damage to the rental truck.
  • Remember to consult your insurance agent before you reserve a rental truck to find out if your homeowner’s insurance covers damage to your furniture. You may need to purchase additional insurance.
  • When renting a truck you are responsible for paying the gas costs. Employ some fuel-saving techniques, such as avoiding idling, excessive acceleration, and driving at high speeds.

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on May 29, 2015 - Moving Expert
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