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Choosing the Right Removalist

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Finding the best removal company to ship your goods to your new home is the most important part of your move. Get tips on finding a reliable removalist and start comparing quotes today at!

Get in-home estimates

Before hiring a removalist, it's important to receive an in-home survey to get the most accurate quote. This way, a representative from the removal company can assess your belongings and the layout of your home to determine a more exact price. Any company that is only willing to provide quotes through email or over the phone is not reliable. You can use these quotes to weed out companies that are not in your budget, but they should not be used when making your final decision. Ideally, you should receive at least three in-home estimates from different companies before hiring one for your move.

Read reviews

Before selecting a removalist, it's important to know if they are experienced, professional, skilled and trustworthy. Check online review websites, such as WOMO and AuRemovals to read customer testimonials and find out more about the movers' reputation. Remmeber to be wary of fake reviews--if a customer's account seems inflated, superfluous, or more like an advertisement than a review--it probably is.

Is the company an AFRA member?

If a company is affiliated by a regulatory agency, you can rest assured they adhere to certain rules and requirements. The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is an official body of removal experts, consulted by government departments to help regulate the removal industry. All removal companies that are members of the association must carry Public Liability Insurance, and are provided training, information and guidance on meeting all current legal standards for the industry.

Ask plenty of questions

When receiving your in-home estimate from a potential removal company, it's important to ask plenty of questions to make sure the company will be able to meet all of your needs. What services do they provide? Packing? Furniture disassembly? can they move your specialty items, such as a pool table or piano? Do they have experience with antiques? What are their extra fees? Do they charge extra for stairs? What about packing materials?
Make sure you are well aware of the services offered and how much they will cost to determine they are the best company for you!

Don't always go with the lowest quote

While it may be tempting to automatically hire the cheapest mover, price should not be your only consideration. Removal companies may offer you a drastically low quote to secure your business, then hike the price up once your goods are on the truck. Be sure to get youe estimate in writing to protect you from falling victim to a moving scam.

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on May 29, 2015 - Moving Expert
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