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The Right Way To Store

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No matter how long or where you are planning to store your belongings, you really want them safe and secure. The tips below will give you information on how to pack your things properly, how to put them in storage, and what cannot be stored.

Protecting Your Stored Items

Furniture: Put either a plastic cover or a blanket on your furniture and also on the floor of your storage unit. Be sure to have it ready before move-in day!
Small items: The best way to store your small and medium-sized items is to put them in boxes. You can use cartons or plastic boxes of different sizes for your clothes, kitchen utensils, tools, etc.
Itemization: Keep a list of the items that you stored. Remember to include all the items in your list along with a description.
Rugs: Clean your rugs and draperies before placing them in storage.
Storage Walls: Keep some space between the goods stored and the storage unit walls.
Lock: Use a good lock on your storage unit door.
Rust: While storing your tools and bikes, use a rust protector.
Moisture: Moisture might cause damage to your freezer and refrigerator. Keep them as dry and clean as possible to protect them from moisture.
Dust: Cover your sofas, mattresses and chairs with light plastic cover to protect from dust accumulation.
Insurance: Insure all your goods before storage. Check with your insurance agent if required.

Choosing A Storage Facility

  • Before choosing storage, consider the facility's distance from your home. If you need regular access to your belongings, it's a good idea to use a facility nearby.
  • Make sure any facility you choose has important features like security cameras, smoke alarms, and sprinkler systems.
  • Compare rates from several facilities to find the most affordable option--just be sure in includes all the features that are important to you (24-hour access, high security, climate-controlled units, etc).

Accommodating Space

  • Dissemble all items that can be dissembled.
  • Stack the chairs seat-to-seat.
  • Put smaller items and boxes inside your belongings and furniture.
  • If you can not dissemble a table, put it top down with the legs pointed upwards.

Do Not Store These Items

  • Never store flammable items like fireworks, acids, aerosol cans, ammunition and matches.
  • Make sure that all fluid is drained from gasoline powered equipment.
  • Do not store hazardous, toxic and pressurized materials including fuel and aerosols.
  • Dispose all partly used cans of oil, paint and other substances that might leak.
  • Do not store perishable food items.
  • Do not place sharp and heavy items on top of upholstered furniture.

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on May 27, 2015 - Moving Expert
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