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Getting Removal Estimates for Your Move

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Once you have made the decision to move, the first step is to start comparing quotes from reliable removal companies to find the best one for the job. However, receiving a moving estimate can be a bit tricky—remember the following tips to ensure you receive the most accurate estimate for your removal.

Get multiple estimates

When searching for a removal company, it’s important to get estimates from several movers before choosing one for your move. This way, you can educate yourself on the typical going rates for removal services, and choose a company that fits into your budget. While affordability is always a major concern, remember it isn’t always a good idea to go with the cheapest company. Extremely low quotes are often a scam tactic used to lure the customer in—then once services are rendered, the removal company jacks up the cost.

Get an on-site estimate

To ensure an accurate quote, you should always get an in-home estimate from your removal company. While online or over-the-phone estimates are helpful to narrow down your search, an on-site estimate is crucial before you make your final decision. A representative from the removal company must assess your shipment, the layout of your home, and the services you require thoroughly to provide you with a precise estimate.

Get your estimate in writing

To avoid falling victim to a moving scam, it’s a good idea to get your estimate in writing. This way your removal company cannot increase your estimate exponentially come moving day. Depending on the laws in your area and the type of estimate, the mover may be able to increase your estimate within a certain percentage—even if the agreement is in writing. Additionally, if your needs change, your shipment size increases, or you inform the movers of required services you didn’t mention during your on-site estimate, they can increase your bill regardless of the written agreement.

Ask questions

When receiving your on-site estimate, be sure to ask the surveyor any questions you have about how costs are calculated. What are the extra fees? Many removal companies charge extra for long carries, stair carries, packing, materials, or handling special items like artwork or antiques. Be clear about your needs and find out exactly how the mover determines the cost, what could change come moving day, and what services you could be charged extra for.

Include your entire inventory

A common blunder moving customers make during an estimate is not including their entire inventories. When the surveyor arrives at your home to assess your shipment, be sure to show him or her everything you will be moving. Is there furniture in the basement? Boxes in the attic? Items in the shed or garage? Anything that might need special handling—disassembly, packing, or disconnection? Don’t forget to let your moving representative know exactly what you need so he or she can provide you with the most accurate quote.

Start comparing removal quotes today

Ready to start comparing free quotes from removal companies near you? Fill out our fast and easy quote form to receive multiple removal quotes from companies in your area today—don’t forget to schedule at least three in-home estimates to find the best company for your move!

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on November 9, 2015 - Moving Expert
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