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How to Prepare for the Removal Company

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You may be waiting for your removal company to come and take care of everything for you on moving day, but there are things you can and should be doing while you wait for their arrival. Here are some tips to keep you organized and get you prepared for when the moving company arrives. 

Plan ahead

Organization is necessary at every step of the way when it comes to a move. Staying organized during the packing and wrapping, keeping all the paperwork in order - it's tough. And there's still plenty of things that you can do to prepare for them and having a schedule is one of them.

You should already have an idea of your moving timeline when you hire the moving company--that way you can base decisions on that time frame. Confirming the date and time of the moving company's arrival is crucial and will help give you a better idea of how to plan out your moving day. 

Planning ahead is the biggest step you can take to help the movers. Whether it's ensuring your children and pets are kept away from the commotion of moving or moving the boxes close to your door before they arrive - a little planning can go a long way to make things easier. 

Make moving safe

You've already brought the boxes close to the front door and your children are safe with the babysitter, but did you make sure the walkways were clear yet? There will be a lot of walking in and out of your apartment or home on moving day and trips and falls can easily become a big problem. Before the movers or helpers arrive, be sure to clear out any hazardous items from sidewalks, hallways and stairs so no one trips, falls and lands in the emergency department. 

If there isn't a direct path from your home to the moving truck, do your best to clear a path. Make sure there are no low branches, uneven sidewalks or other obstructions that could pose a risk to you or the movers. 

Do a walk through

Before the moving company arrives, do one last walk through of your home while double-checking your inventory lists. Double-check your boxes and make sure they're clearly labeled and that everything is right where it needs to be for the movers. This also allows you the opportunity to make sure you haven't forgotten anything in any closets, cabinets or drawers that are staying behind. 

Try to be as thorough as possible when doing the walk-through and pack up all the last minute items so you're not scrambling when the removal company arrives. 

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on November 10, 2015 - Moving Expert
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