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What Packing Supplies Do I Need?

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Before you can begin to wrap and pack up your home for a move, you will have to gather the necessary packing supplies. Learn what you will need for a successful removal below!


The most important packing supply to procure are sturdy cardboard boxes of varying sizes. They should be in good condition to ensure your belongings arrive at your new location without damage.
  • Small boxes - to prevent damage, fragile items and collectibles should be placed in smaller boxes
  • Medium boxes - heavier items like books can be packed in medium boxes so they're not too difficult to carry
  • Large boxes - larger but lighter items such as clothing and linens can be transported in large boxes
  • Extra large boxes - these over-sized boxes should also be used for larger items that don't weight too much, such as comforters and lamp shades
  • Kitchen boxes - kitchen boxes can include everything from cell boxes for packing fragile glasses and dish or china cartons for moving china and plates
  • Wardrobe boxes - these boxes are specifically designed for transporting clothing, complete with a bar across the top for hanging clothing hangers
  • Picture boxes - framed artwork and mirrors should be moved in picture boxes which are large, flat and adjustable
  • Lamp boxes - tall and narrow boxes are designed for properly relocating lamps
  • File boxes - these small boxes are used for transporting paperwork and other documents in an organised fashion

TIP: For a greener move, you can also rent re-usable boxes from a local supplier.

Cushioning materials

To properly wrap your belongings and prevent damage, you will also want to purchase cushioning materials, particularly for fragile items. These materials include:
  • Packing paper - this can be used to wrap items or as cushioning in boxes -- avoid using newspaper as the ink can smudge or stain your belongings
  • Bubble wrap - use bubble wrap for especially fragile items -- packing paper can be used as a buffer since bubble wrap can leave marks on china and other expensive glassware
  • Moving blankets - prevents damage to furniture and other large items during your relocation
  • Mattress covers - protects your mattress from dirt or rips and other damage while in transit
  • Plastic stretch wrap - can be used around furniture to hold drawers in place, as a way to keep multiple boxes together or to prevent moisture from damaging items

Other essentials

The final items you will need include packing tape for sealing your boxes and a thick black marker to label them properly. Be sure to note on them which boxes are fragile, what the boxes contain and which room in your new house they should be brought to.

Packing services

If you have limited time and a bigger budget, you can also hire your removals company to provide you with both packing supplies and packing services. Fill out a free quote form to find removalists in your area and be sure to inquire about their packing and wrapping options.

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on October 27, 2015 - Moving Expert
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