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When Should I Move?

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Are you struggling to determine when to schedule your move? Planning a relocation requires a lot of consideration, and choosing the optimal time to move is no exception. There are many factors that will determine when you should relocate, depending on the type of move you are planning and other unique circumstances. Read on to find out what to consider when planning the ideal time to move!

The size and distance of your move

If you're only moving a small shipment, or moving locally, your move may take as little as one day. If you can complete your move on your normal day off, without much disruption to your schedule, you can be more flexible with choosing a date. However, if your move is long distance, or you are moving a large home's worth of belongings, you might need to take time off work and put more thought into when you schedule your move.

Your availability

Are there certain times of the year you cannot request off from work? Do you have sufficient vacation days to use for your move? Consider your work schedule and other obligations you have when planning your move. If you have an upcoming trip, an important project at work, or any other commitment, it's a good idea not to schedule your move around that time. You should plan to move when you don't have many other things requiring your attention.

Your budget

Are you on a tight budget? Moving companies often charge higher premiums during peak seasons and on weekends. Scheduling your move during off-peak times will usually get you a more affordable rate.

Your children's time off from school

If you have kids, planning your move when they are on holiday or between semesters is usually much easier. They won't miss any class work, and the transition to a new school (if you are moving long distance) will be much smoother.

Approaching holidays

Moving during the holidays is often more affordable, because removal companies charge lower premiums. However, it can be very stressful, difficult and inconvenient to deal with moving tasks in the midst of holiday planning. Additionally, traffic is always worse around the holidays due to the extra travellers on the roads.

The weather

Weather conditions can greatly affect the success of a move--heavy rains can pose a danger on the roads, your belongings can get drenched when loaded and unloaded, and your floors ruined by removal crews' muddy boots. Planning your move during the dry season will minimize the chance of inclement weather affecting the timeliness of your delivery and prevent water damage to your items.

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on November 11, 2015 - Moving Expert
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