What is a Long Distance Move?

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Long Distance Moves

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A long distance move generally occurs across state lines and is usually more than 75 to 100 kilometres between locations. Removal companies might have different standards for a long distance relocation, but more or less, they will be farther and more complicated than your average local move. 

Because a long distance move involves a lot more travelling, time and paperwork, it also requires a lot more planning and preparation. 

Prepare for a long distance move

No matter the distance you're moving, preparation is key to any successful move--and starting to plan early is always a good idea. Making a to-do list before your move of everything that needs to be done may be helpful for you.

On the list you can include things like choosing a removal company, changing services, packing and changing your address among other items. You should keep the list with you as you're planning and adjust it accordingly as the weeks progress. 


Local moving companies often charge per hour, or per crew member, but in the case of long distance moves, removal companies often charge based on the total weight of the shipment. 

To avoid a surprise when it comes to paying, it's important that the moving company comes to your home to provide you with an in-home estimate for your long distance move. If the company sees in person what and how much you'll be moving, they'll be able to give you a more detailed and accurate moving estimate. The price may change once the shipment is weighed, but allowing the moving company to see your items in person is always the best option. 

Because your total cost will depend on the weight of your shipment, you should try to lighten up as much as possible before hand. You can donate items to local charities, sell your items online, hold a garage sale or list them for free on a site like Freecycle.org. 

Choosing a long distance mover

Once you've figured out what to bring with you to your new home, you can begin to search for a removal company. There's no better place to begin looking than here at AURemovals.com. Fill out the free quote form on our website and you'll be connected with long distance movers in Australia that can help you every step of the way during your long distance removals. 

When it comes time to gather quotes, we suggest getting moving quotes from at least three different companies, so you can compare their services and make sure you made the right decision. 

You should also check to make sure the company you hire is properly licensed and insured before signing any paperwork. The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is an official organization of removal experts and helps the government regulate the moving industry within Australia. All members of the Association must carry Public Liability Insurance and are provided with training, information and guidance on meeting legal standards of the removal industry. 

Don't forget to ask plenty of questions when meeting with the removalists-- you should feel comfortable with the company handling your move and have all the information you need to make a decision.

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on November 19, 2015

AUremovals.com - Moving Expert
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